Galatasaray Won the Emirates Cup

04.08.2013 20:30

Galatasaray defeated the English giant and the organizer of the 2013 Emirates Cup by two goals against one in the closing match of the tournament at the Emirates Stadium in London on Sunday evening, August 4.

Arsenal FC led the first half of the game ended when Theo Walcot registered the first goal of the game for the hosting club in minute 39.

Towards the middle of the second half, Wesley Sneijder initiated a goal attempt by passing the ball to Didier Drogba but he was stopped by Miguel whose act was recorded as an offence and punished by a penalty kick. Drogba dispatched the penalty kick in the 77th minute right at the goal post.

Ten minutes later Drogba scored the winning goal for Galatasaray after hitting the ball passed by Sneijder from the left diagonal right at the net.

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